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If you have any questions or need help contact us at hello@hautehacker.com


HauteHacker is an independent fashion label that values locally sourced, handmade and cruelty free products. Founded in 2015 by Melanie Dawson, our mission is to create beautiful, carefully crafted designs without the use the leather or other animal-based materials.

With a background in both fashion and engineering as well as a passion for creating, she chose to start her own brand exemplifying a juxtaposition of femininity and structure. Additionally, making it easier for you to live your lifestyle of conscious consumerism while still expressing yourself and your style on any and every occasion.

HauteHacker uses high quality vegan leathers to create our designs. Various vegan leathers are used in production. Primarily, we use a 100% Polyurethane fabric, which is an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional PVC Vinyl. Additionally, the linings we use are made from eco-canvas, containing 45% recycled content. All materials used in our products are sourced from within the US.